Nora :: Stamford, Connecticut Newborn Photography

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I had the joy of photographing sweet baby Nora a couple weeks ago at home in Stamford, Connecticut. She arrived several weeks early and had quite the NICU journey, by the time I met her she was about two months old! She has her mommy and daddy (and many more family and friends) wrapped around her finger and we had such a nice morning together.

Roshi, her mama, commented that it was the first time they really got to hold her and feel her skin. Since she was in the NICU for so long and it was winter, she was always dressed and covered and so they didn’t get to spend so much time doing skin to skin. It’s little things like that we might not even realize we take for granted with babies. Just feeling how soft their skin is, and getting to just spend time holding them and enjoying them.

Here are some favorites from our session together. She was awake for most of the session, so we adapted and started out with some sweet, snuggly family photos, and then headed downstairs to do her portraits once she dozed off. It’s funny, as a photographer, we talk about how we want the babies to be nice and seepy, but we are on their schedule, not the other way around! :) And I personally love getting some photos of them awake. This girl was just as enamored with her parents as they were with her.

Shannon Sorensen is a newborn and family photographer based in Newington, Connecticut, and travels throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts capturing relaxed, heirloom photographs of family life and milestones. She photographs all newborns at home for your convenience and comfort. For inquiries or more information, feel free to contact Shannon anytime! Most newborns are photographed within the first 14 days after birth, and sessions can be scheduled anytime during your pregnancy leading up to the days after your little one arrives.