John :: Massachusetts At-Home Newborn Photography

Hey friends! We’ve made it to that “mid-summer” point and we are in the midst of a mega heat wave. I am grateful to have an excuse to stay inside in the air conditioning and get a bunch of work done this week. As of tomorrow, we’ll be away for a little over a week in Massachusetts. Lil will be going to baseball camp with my brother, we’re going to spend time with family, swim in my parents pool and eat a lot of ice cream!

at-home newborn photography

I had the joy of photographing Ros and Matt’s little guy back in March. He arrived two weeks “past due”, which is basically an eternity in a pregnant woman’s life, and mom and dad were so happy to finally have him in their arms.

When I arrived at their home in Massachusetts, I was surprised and delighted to see one of my favorite wedding photos I’ve taken in a large canvas on their mantle. Sometimes it surprises me to see photos I’ve taken in people’s homes, but it really just tells me that these photos mean so much to them and that what we photographers do, matters.

By the way, happy five year anniversary, you two!

Massachusetts Wedding Photography, Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

John was a sweet, sleepy and snuggly little baby, and I set up in their dining room for the soft light that was coming in that side of their house. We shot a series of cozy baby portraits, and then went up to Ros and Matt’s room to take some relaxed family photos of them holding, kissing and loving on their little guy. We used a mix of the wraps and blankets that I bring with me in my little traveling studio along with a gorgeous handmade blanket by Ros’ best friend Liz, and some of their favorite swaddles to make his photos a bit more personalized.

Here are some favorites from their at-home newborn session.