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Ep. 01

”Start Before you’re ready”


Welcome to the first episode of the Creative, Happy Life Podcast, with host Shannon Sorensen. In this episode, Shannon discusses the importance of starting before you're ready, punching fear in the face, and accepting that done is better than perfect. There are lessons to be learned in every experience, even the ones where we think we've failed.

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Ep. 02

“this is me”

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Ep. 03

“childlike enthusiasm”

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Ep. 04

coming soon

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Hi! I’m Shannon, your friendly neighborhood podcast hostess!

I work with families, small businesses and creative entrepreneurs to photograph heartfelt moments and personal branding photography through visual storytelling.

Most days you can find me outside chasing my kids around or inside snuggling and watching Disney movies. I live in central Connecticut with my husband, Sean, and our kids Lily and Andrew.

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