Martin :: Connecticut Newborn Photography

Connecticut Newborn Photographer Shannon Sorensen Massachusetts New England

Hello, sweet little Martin...

He entered the world at the end of June and it was an honor to photograph his sweet little face. He has a big sister named Claire who is very gentle and loving towards her new little brother. I know he'll be in good hands with her watching out for him!

Martin's mommy and daddy were one of my first engagement shoots back in 2010 at Yale, and I was so happy to hear from them now that they're living in Connecticut again. It is really amazing to be able to see people I've worked with years ago and see where they are in life and see how their family has changed and grown. It's a gift.

It also makes me very aware of the passage of time. These babies grow so quickly into people with personalities and opinions and funny things to say. Before you know it the baby days have passed. All you have is photos and memories to remember "those were the days". 

These tiny babies have no idea the joy and heartbreak they give us mamas. 

Before I start weeping on my keyboard, I'll share more of Martin. He was so calm and wonderful to photograph, even when he woke up he just kind of stared at me and was content to just hang out on my squishy newborn pillow. What a little love...