Bird Park Family Photography

Boston Family Photographer Shannon Sorensen Photography

I am in love with the session. Adorable toddler? Check. Newborn sleepyhead? Check. Gorgeous mama and goofy daddy making their kiddo giggle while snuggling sleepy newborn? Check and check. 

Jess and Mike and their two sweet little ladies met me at Bird Park in Walpole for a family session and my first thought was "Little Isabella is wearing jellies and I might die of cuteness." 

Jellies are the bomb, especially when they're tiny and pink and adorning the feet of a cutie pie. 

We made our way around the park, giggling, taking breaks for the baby to nurse and keeping Isabella entertained. I pulled out all my best mama-of-a-little-one tricks and by the end of the session, I think you could say Isabella and I were very good buddies. She fistbumped me, so that's something.

Join me in delighting over this sweet family's session and let me know in the comments if you have a favorite!

I just love that last one. We reached our limit and everyone was ready to go. Miss Isabella and the Case of the Sillies. 

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