Carrie + Patrick | Pomfret Connecticut Wedding at Tyrone Farm | New England Wedding Photographer

Carrie and Patrick's wedding was a dream to shoot at Tyrone Farm in Pomfret, Connecticut. It is always fun photographing weddings at a new (to me) venue, and it was a perfect early September day in New England. When I met Carrie and Patrick last winter, we clicked pretty fast bonding over mutual fandom for all things geeky. The more they told me about themselves and their plans, the more excited I got. Superhero groomsmen? Yes, please. Comic book boutonnieres? Amazing. A playlist of geeky film music? I'm in love. 

The day started at the small cottage on the Tyrone Farm property where Carrie and her ladies were getting ready. It felt like an at-home wedding, very comfortable and cozy and laid back. Looking out the windows to the property, there was a gorgeous view everywhere you looked. Fields and stables and gardens and the's everything I love about rural New England. 

The ceremony took place in the back field with hilly, wildflower views. Carrie giggled in excitement and there was so much love and support in the air for these two. What I especially loved in that they included all their nieces and nephews in the wedding party along with their daughter, Roslyn, and it really felt like a special family celebration. 

We had a blast taking family and wedding party pictures, and then I happily had Carrie and Patrick all to myself to wander the grounds and give them some quiet moments together. It was like photographer heaven, everywhere I turned I wanted to shoot. And they were so kind to let me do my thing, I did my best to just guide them place to place and then let them snuggle up to each other, laughing and exchanging sweet kisses along the way. What I love about Carrie and Patrick is how easy it is to spend time with them. They're such happy, kindhearted people, and they surround themselves with equally wonderful friends and family. There was no stress, just enjoyment of the day, which is what I love. 

Carrie and Patrick danced into their barn reception to the Ghostbusters theme, and I couldn't stop smiling. That was the same song Sean and I chose for our own wedding introductions, and it just made me so happy to be around fellow nerds who know how to have fun and be themselves. Their guests were equally smitten with their music choices, cheering and laughing and gasping whenever another song came on that they recognized and enjoyed, like music from Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, or Rocky. 

There is nothing I love more than connecting with my clients so that by the time their wedding day rolls around, it truly feels like I'm hanging out with friends. I wear my heart on my sleeve and usually spend the day laughing, crying, cheering and giving people hugs because I can't help it, it's how I roll and that's how it should be. A wedding is a celebration and with all the planning and moving parts that go into making a wedding day happen, you have to love what you do and care about the people you work with. And I really do. 

Venue: Tyrone Farm // Pomfret, Connecticut

Catering, Decor, Flowers, Cake: Pranzi Catering

Videography: Classic Video Productions

Here are some of my favorite highlights from Carrie and Patrick's Tyrone Farm wedding.