Fiona :: Connecticut At-Home Newborn Photography

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I spent a lovely morning at Fiona's house with her mommy and daddy, Emily and Pat, who you'll recognize from this engagement session and this maternity session. She was so sleepy, which was a dream for me. A sleepy newborn, usually before they're 10 days old, is the perfect timeframe to get lots and lots of sleeping pictures. And they're more likely to let you change them and move them around without a fuss! :)

Emily did an amazing job finding beautiful little headbands and wraps to coordinate, and after we got all the pictures we wanted, we did my favorite thing, photos as a family. Whenever new parents aren't sure if they want to be in pictures, I always insist they get at least a few. No matter how tired, sleep deprived, living-in-a-fog you may feel, these are precious, fleeting days of getting to snuggle up with your burrito baby. And I'm 100% sure they will want to see these photos of being held someday. It's more than just a family picture, it's part of your family legacy.