Hi, I'm Shannon.

To keep it simple - I am crazy about my husband (we met when we were 17), the best job I have is being a mom to Lily (5) and Roo (1), and I enjoy and appreciate the little things in life. On any given day you'll find me working from home on photography and my small, creative businesses (more on those in a bit), supervising Roo while he attempts to climb everything, and having Broadway musical singalongs...usually with myself.

In my spare time (hahaha)  you'll find me visiting local parks, beaches, cafes, farmers markets, and shops; starting (but rarely finishing) a new crochet project or book; baking gluten free goodies from scratch; coloring or painting with my Lil; napping with Roo; catching up on all the superhero shows and movies with Sean. I might have a thing for Captain America. Might. 

If our bodies are 60% water, the other 40% of mine is probably coffee, clam chowder and ice cream. And chips and guac. Basically, I enjoy food. 

While photography is my concentration, I have always led an artistic life. I grew up on stage in ballets, musicals, and performing in every musical group possible. I love exploring creative projects, anything from fiber arts to painting, sewing and graphic design. I made my own senior prom dress and was totally a DIY bride. I channel this creative juice through my two Etsy shops, LilRoo and The Salty Mama.

I hope you'll follow along my journey on the blog, where I'll share my recent work, family life, creative projects and other things I'm excited about!