Molly + Sam :: Duxbury Massachusetts Engagement Photography

Molly and Sam Duxbury South Shore Massachusetts Engagement Photographer Shannon Sorensen Photography

Oh, my dear friends...Molly and Sam are two of my friends from home, and it was such an honor to photograph their engagement photos in Duxbury, just down the road from the street they grew up on. I've had the joy of watching them get together, fall in love, face growth and change and pain, and overcome it stronger than before. I am so incredibly happy that they are getting married next summer!

They chose a special place for their engagement photos, a field at the end of the street where they grew up. In high school, they would walk together to this field, sit under the tree and talk; it's their place. It's where their love formed. Imagine the talks that big tree has witnessed, keeping their words safely protected in it's old branches. 

I wish my friends so much happiness in their life together. I am proud to share these photos with you today from their engagement session.