Mallory + Ryan :: Bird Park Walpole Massachusetts Anniversary Photography

Mallory and Ryan Bird Park Walpole Massachusetts Anniversary Engagement Photographer Shannon Sorensen Photography

How is it possible that Valentine's Day is tomorrow? Wasn't it just Christmas, like, a week ago?

If you're like me, Valentine's Day can be a bit of an afterthought. You maybe get a card, some wine and have a nice dinner. We've never been big on jewelry or anything crazy for a "Hallmark holiday".

HOWEVER! That doesn't mean romantic gestures aren't appreciated. One year, Sean had a barbershop quartet show up at my office (in a blizzard!) and serenade me in front of my coworkers. I'm not sure I ever blushed so red in my life, but it was so unexpected and sweet, I'll always remember that. Some years it's just another day, other years we like to surprise each other with something a bit more fun. 

When I think about what I'd really love at this point in our marriage, it's more photos of just the two of us (and a vacation)! I would love nothing more than a day to just be together, having it photographed, doing something fun or silly, just focused on each other. Marriage can tend to take a backseat once you have kids. It's easy to lose focus on the foundation that your family is built on. And these pictures wouldn't just be for Sean and I, they'd be for our kiddos to look at years from now, to see our love for each other, that we're more than just mom and dad, but two people who decided to commit to a life together, to build a home and grow a family. The love doesn't stop after the wedding day!

It doesn't matter if it's been a year or 5 or 25 - it will always be worth it to invest in photos to capture your growing relationship, family, a new home, pets, kids. Anniversary sessions are a beautiful way to "treat yo'self" and document your years together beautifully. Get dolled up out on the town or spend the day in pjs snuggling at home, sipping coffee and curling up in bed. Whatever your style, you'll have a beautiful collection of images that show how you've changed and grown since your wedding day. (hint: Sean and I were practically babies. I look at our wedding photos and it feels like a lifetime ago!)

So if you're scrambling at the last minute and really want something special to give your sweetheart, drop me an email at and we'll chat!

I recently did an anniversary shoot with Mallory and Ryan at Bird Park in Walpole, Massachusetts, and it was so much fun. They were so sweet together, so kind, and they also brought their pup, Eddie, who was a perfect gentleman. Their session reminded me of how important it is to take time as a couple to just be together and enjoy each other. Be silly, laugh, play, snuggle, throw leaves in the air and kiss! Life is short and there's no time like right now to give each other the gift of being present and making memories together.