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I am counting down the days until spring. I really can't complain, because it snows nonstop for a day and a half, and then it's 50 degrees and rains and all the snow goes away, but with no school and my husband having to drive on a sheet of ice to get home at 5am, I'm not a big fan of this winter thing right now. I need my kiddo to go to school so she can learn and become more brilliant and so I can get my house cleaned and drink my coffee while it's still hot. Too much to ask? Come on, nature, throw me a bone! 

In November I had the honor of photographing Kristen and DJ's maternity photos in our hometown of Duxbury, Massachusetts, and shortly after, they welcomed sweet Cecily into the world. I will admit that I loved this session not just for photographing such a beautiful little girl, but to also getting to spend time with an old friend. Life is weird and fun and I am grateful for Facebook and technology for keeping me connected to friends from my youth who I may otherwise have never seen again after graduating high school. I love reconnecting, and getting to see my friend as a wife and now mother is such a gift. 

Shannon Sorensen is available to photograph newborns and their families throughout Connecticut, Massachuestts and Rhode Island. Click here to inquire.