Jo :: Duxbury Beach Small Business Marketing Photography

Shannon Sorensen Photography Duxbury Beach, Massachusetts Portraits

Jo is a beautiful soul. We spent a Saturday morning together at Duxbury Beach to make some photos for her business website, so she could put a face to her voice. Jo is a psychic and runs Heartfelt Angel Connections in Hanover, Massachusetts. I'll admit, I did not know what to expect when I met her. We talked about how psychics can sometimes be stereotyped to look or act a certain way, and as she said, she needed these photos to show her clients that she's a woman, a wife, a mom, a friendly face and a warm personality. 

We actually spent quite a lot of time talking and I went home after this session knowing we were brought together on this morning for a reason. We talked about taking big leaps, even when you feel you're not ready, and being brave and throwing caution to the wind. It was a gorgeous sunny morning at the beach and I love the images we made.

Here are some of my favorites!