The Baby Whisperer

Every now and then something happens during a shoot that just cracks me up. On this occasion, it was Loki. You may remember our kitty who was adopted by our good friends. They had a baby a little over a month ago and I did her newborn pictures. I set up on their kitchen floor with my blankets and pillows and drapings. Baby Olivia was wide awake, far too interested in the world around her to take a nap. Well, Loki found a comfy spot where he wanted to nap, tucked behind my draped blanket on the back end of the posing pillow. Maybe they found each other warm and comfy, but Olivia fell asleep and Loki eventually moved on with some encouragement and treats. 

But not before I snapped this. 

Thanks for your help, Loki. Maybe I'll bring you along on future newborn shoots as my personal assistant and baby whisperer.