Oh, hello!


I'm Shannon, a small town New England photographer, writer and maker, and I'd like to welcome you to my creative space, my little corner of the internet where I dream big and drink lots of coffee. 

I've been photographing lovely faces and families throughout Connecticut and greater New England since 2010. I love what I do, which makes going to work each day (in my "corner office" of my living room) a joy. My style is to focus on the everyday moments that tell your story; how you live and how you love. My motto is be present, not perfect.

Keeping it real since 1983.

Most days you'll find me in jeans and a t-shirt, barefoot, chasing my kiddos around between work and home projects. I'm a homebody to the core, and though I have the best intentions to get stuff done after 9pm, I'm usually asleep in front of Netflix by 9:15. I love to cook, but usually end up eating my kids' leftover chicken nuggets. I don't know how to style my hair and my eyebrows could use some TLC. I wish I were thinner, but I really love tacos.

I also enjoy painting, crocheting, pretending I can garden, Parks and Recreation, exploring various crafts, the Boston Red Sox and the Hartford Yard Goats, biking, hiking, camping, the smell of campfires, any beach anywhere, and snuggling with my family in bed on Sunday mornings if the kids aren't jumping on us demanding breakfast.

And because I am a multipassionate person, I also run two handmade shops, LILROO and The Salty Mama

If you want to know more about the goings on of my life and work, hop over to the blog!


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